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Tamara L. Siuda (born 1969) is a professional Egyptologist and the founder and Nisut of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

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By: Tamara L. Siuda

A collection of translated prayers, hymns and rituals from hieroglyphic texts in honor of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

By: Tamara L. Siuda

THE NETERU OF KEMET: An Introduction
2010 version (reprint of the rare 1994 text)

"If you are looking for a good introductory book to the Gods of ancient Egypt, The Neteru of Kemet is the best I have read. The author is a graduate student of ancient religions and a priestess of the House of Netjer. Thus, she writes of the Gods (Neteru) with both scholarly background and personal experience. This combination gives her material that sense of truth so often lacking in other recent books on this subject.

By: Tamara L. Siuda

The ancient Egyptian goddess Nebt-het (better known by the Greek version of her name, Nephthys) is a goddess in shadows: associated with death, liminality and time, creation and destruction.