Welcome to our virtual bookstore (and more)! Included here are books and items that we feel visitors to our site might be interested in. We earn a commission on every item sold here, the proceeds of which are donated to the House of Netjer and the Kemetic Orthodox Faith. Note that not all books on our book list are available at our virtual bookstore, and not all books listed are necessarily in print or available from You should find that most, however, are. Enjoy!

House of Netjer Publications

Official publications by the House of Netjer Kemetic Orthodox Temple. All proceeds go directly to the House of Netjer.

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Books by Tamara L. Siuda

Tamara L. Siuda (born 1969) is a professional Egyptologist and the founder and Nisut of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

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Other Books

Books published by other authors. Buying books through these links will benefit the House of Netjer from their sales.

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