Becoming Kemetic Orthodox

At this writing, Kemetic Orthodoxy is primarily a religion of converts, and we enjoy slow yet steady growth, as we do not actively recruit members or do missionary work. The and websites are maintained and updated with information about our religion, including image libraries, an extensive glossary of gods and goddesses, a "virtual" ancestor shrine, and inspirational writings from our spiritual leader, Rev. Tamara L. Siuda. The membership forum of the House of Netjer temple is located at, and includes events calendars and reports, live discussion forums, and other materials.

Kemetic Orthodox membership draws from around the globe, and therefore the Internet unites a large segment of our devotees. As the House of Netjer is a temple of an African Traditional religion, and not a "mystery school" or study group, membership represents more than an education in Kemetic Orthodoxy. A potential member is first enrolled in a free beginners' course for approximately four months, during which (s)he is provided with education on the religion and an introduction to the community. After completion of the beginners' course, a potential member may opt to continue on as a community member without a formal commitment to the religion as a Remetj (the ancient word for the people of Kemet). If further dedication is desired, a Remetj can choose to convert formally, and undergo divination and initiation as a Shemsu, or "follower" of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

In order to maintain Ma'at and respect to all religious choices, including our own, we do not ask members to renounce previous or current religious beliefs, ordinations, or titles. Shemsu do undergo a rite of initiation dedicating them specifically to the service of a particular god or goddess, or pair of deities, and as part of that process, take a vow to serve those god(s) first before all others. Remetj do not take such a vow, and as such, are not bound by the Shemsu oath. Persons who after probation, or at any time during their time with the religion conclude that Kemetic Orthodoxy is not for them are supplied with guidance on where to achieve that as best as can be supplied. We do not believe our religion to be the one and only path to spiritual success, or even the one and only Kemetic path, and Kemetic Orthodoxy may not be everyone's best spiritual fit.

The House of Netjer's online ministry is extensive. It includes 24-hour emotional and spiritual support and counseling; daily, weekly, and biweekly chats via Internet Relay Chat (IRC) for fellowship and ritual for all membership types; and structured discussions of Kemetic Orthodox spirituality and religious topics provided by our spiritual leader and Kemetic Orthodox clergy. In addition, distance-worship, or online ritual simulcast, is convened twice monthly in the form of an IRC chat called Dua (the Kemetic word for "worship" or "praise").

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