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House of Netjer
2516 Waukegan Road #367
Glenview, IL 60025 USA

Note: Tawy House in Joliet, IL is no longer available to visit. The address above is our official address, but is not visitable. Please contact us if you have any questions.


Our current Nisut of the Kemetic Orthodox Religion:

Rev. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda (Hekatawy Alexandros)


Email: [email protected]
In case of emergency: Send an email to the above address with the word "URGENT" as the first word of the subject line.

In service of: All Names of Netjer
Location: Portland, Oregon

W'abu (Priests) in service

Rev. Akhytsenu
W’ab (priest) of Tefnut and Ra’Heruakhety
Location: Finland
State Shrine: Nekhen Nuwiyu Nut Niut (Waters of the Two Skies Shrine)

Rev. Arienihethert
W’ab (priest) of Hethert-Mut
Location: Illinois
State Shrine: Nekhen Ibu em Ma’at

Rev. Ihhyensenu
W’ab (priest) of Sekhmet-Mut and Amun-Ra
Location: Washington
State Shrine: Nekhen Senwy Nisut (Shrine of the Two Royal Ones/two of the Kings)

Rev. Ma’atnofret
W’ab (priest) Sekhmet-Hethert
Location: Ohio
State Shrine: The Sunlight that Makes Flourish the Beauty of Flowers Shrine

Rev. Neferuhethert
W’ab (priest) of Hethert-Sekhmet
Location: California
State Shrine: Nekhen Merut Ib-Es (Her Heart’s Desire Shrine)

Rev. Neshnytyinepu
W’ab (priest) of Yinepu-Wepwawet; Setem (funerary priest)
Location: Massachusetts
State Shrine: Nekhen Mekef Heri Meket em Djertyfy Imef (Shrine Where He Cradles the Heart in His Hands)

Rev. Padjaiemweru
W’ab (priest) of Bast-Mut and Heru-Wer
Location: Georgia

Rev. Ra’awyserqet
W’ab (priest) of Serqet
Location: Ohio
State Shrine: Nekhen Sotep-Sa ny Sesh (Protector of the Nest Shrine)

Rev. Sehedjef
W’ab (priest) of Serqet-Aset and Nebthet-Nit-Seshat
Location: Maryland
State Shrine: Nekhen Muti Neferty (Two Beautiful Mothers Shrine)

Rev. Shefytbast
W’ab (priest) of Bast
Location: New Jersey
State Shrine: Nekhen Saut-sen Iryt Ra (The Eye of Ra Watches Over Them Shrine)

Rev. Shezatwepwawet
W’ab (priest) of Wepwawet
Location: Connecticut

Rev. Shukheperas'ankhi
W’ab (priest) of Khepera
Location: Texas

Rev. Tamiwi
W’ab (priest) of Bast and Ra
Location: Wisconsin
State Shrine: Nekhen Miu Wer

Rev. Tanebetheru
W’ab (priest) of Heru-sa-Aset
Location: Germany
State Shrine: Seat of the Heart Shrine

Rev. Tatuayinepu
W’ab (priest) of Yinepu
Location: Georgia

Rev. Tawa’ubastmut
W’ab (priest) of Bast-Mut
Location: Illinois
State Shrine: Nekhen Neferues her Isheru (Shrine of Her Beauty Upon the Sacred Lake)

Rev. Tjemsy
W’ab (priest) of Sekhmet and Set
Location: Maryland
State Shrine: Nekhen Merutsen Sehedjet em Imau (Shrine of Their Love Burning Bright)

W'abu (Priests) on Leave of Absence

Rev. Heruakhetymose
W’ab (priest) of Heruakhety
Location: Virginia
State Shrine: Nekhen Hedjta er Henty (The Shrine of the Land’s Eternal Dawning)

Rev. Ibi
W’ab (priest) of Hethert-Sekhmet
Location: California
State Shrine: Nekhen Merut-es Pereret (The Shrine of Her Love Always Comes Forth)

Rev. Rayashi
W’ab (priest) of Ra
Location: Italy
State Shrine: Nekhen Weben Wepesh er Henty Imef (The Shrine in which Light Shines for Infinite Space/Time)

Rev. Remenit
W’ab (priest) of Sekhmet and Nit
Location: England
State Shrine: The Arrows of her Mothers Fly Here Shrine