House of Netjer Application

Application Guidelines and Required Information

Evaluating a new religion is important, and deserves the greatest amount of thought and consideration. Before sending your application, please read "What is Kemetic Orthodoxy?" , as well as our FAQ page.

I am considering becoming Kemetic Orthodox. What's the process?

Kemetic Orthodoxy, a modern continuance of Kemet's ancient religion, is a religion mostly of converts; only our youngest members have been born into the religion. As an African Traditional Religion practiced inside and outside of Africa, Kemetic Orthodoxy has an additional challenge, in that it has been said African religions are so dependent on cultural context that conversion by outsiders is difficult, if not impossible.

In order to accomplish the work the gods and goddesses have given us, the House of Netjer teaches and lives both the religion and culture of Kemet, toward a completely Kemetic experience. Membership, then, includes not only a new religious structure, but citizenship in a new country: a new Kemet that lives in our kau. This involves commitment, and should be approached with sincerity and reflection.

Distance membership in the House of Netjer temple, Kemetic Orthodoxy's central religious body, is granted on review of a written application answering the questions below, and satisfaction of the House's "age of consent" prerequisite. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, handicap, nationality/geographic location, ethnic heritage, previous or current religious experience, or sexual preference, and expect potential House of Netjer members to support our nondiscriminatory position.

Age of Consent Requirement

The following applies to all potential members. The House of Nejter reserves the right to refuse membership to any person who, in our opinion, cannot comply:

Persons over 18 years of age not financially or domestically dependent on another person are free to apply at will.

Persons under 18, or persons under OR over 18 living with their parent(s) or guardian(s), or who are financially dependent on another person, must supply written consent from that parent/guardian/provider. The House of Netjer is pro-family, and causing a rift between potential members and their parents or significant other(s) would be against ma'at and all ideals we embrace.

Please note that "consent" does not necessarily mean agreement with the teachings of the House of Netjer or beliefs of Kemetic Orthodox, but that those to whom a potential member must answer agree that the member has the right to join our religion, and at minimum, support that member's decision to convert.

Before answering the following questions, spend four days (the Kemetic number of completion) from the day you decide to apply thinking the decision through. As with the conversion process in any other religion, you are always free to leave if you find that Kemetic Orthodox is not for you. However, involving yourself in this process opens you up to the Way of Netjer, and then that experience becomes part of your life story, whether or not the House of Netjer does.

Be aware that while candidates for ordination to lay and legal Kemetic Orthodox priesthood are selected from our Shemsu-Ankh members, you will spend significant time (more than two years) as a Remetj and/or Shemsu member before such vocation will even be considered. As in most religions, Kemetic Orthodox priesthood is a career, rather than a title or status, to which few are called. Becoming a Kemetic Orthodox priest requires years of dedication, education, work, and commitment above and beyond service to the gods, and becoming a priest is not a required or mandatory part of our religion. Acceptance of your membership application is therefore no guarantee of potential for, or acceptance to, our lay or legal priesthood.

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