Beginners Class Application

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If you are uncomfortable using e-mail, send your application to 2516 Waukegan Road, #367, Glenview IL 60025 USA. Using "snail mail" adds time to the application review process.

Applications are confidential and will only be reviewed by the Kemetic Orthodox Application Office.

Take your time and be honest -- share what is Ma'at, not what you think we may wish to hear. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Background Information

All items marked with a * are required and must be completed for your application to be considered. We do not accept anonymous members, even for Internet correspondence only.

Legal name for mailing purposes; provide the name you wish to be called if it differs from your legal name.

Your personal pronouns (he, she, they, ze, zer, etc.)

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You will be contacted for parental consent if under 18.

Questions to Ponder

The following questions should be considered carefully and answered thoughtfully.

Please note that Kemetic Orthodoxy does not support membership for the shock value of an "alternative religion," those who wish to "prove something" to us or others, or those who believe conversion will enable them to "get even" with negative experiences in a previous religion. Consider this question VERY carefully.

An Important Note: Full conversion to Kemetic Orthodoxy is ONLY required of members who take a vow to the Order of Shemsu-Ankh. All Kemetic Orthodox, even Shemsu-Ankh, can practice any faith of their choosing, as well as interfaith and cooperative religious work; what changes upon Shemsu-Ankhhood is a vow to serve Netjer and Netjer's people as one's first religious priority. Setting aside previous religion(s) to convert to a new one does NOT negate that experience, nor should it require renunciation of previous experiences. Kemetic Orthodoxy will never require a person to renounce previous religions or teachers, and we do not declare that our religion is the "one true way."

PLEASE NOTE: By submitting an application to the Kemetic Orthodox House of Netjer, in electronic or hard copy form, you agree and give full permission for the Kemetic Orthodox Application Office to review all information given for truthfulness, up to and including our telephoning you for a direct interview if necessary. By forwarding your application and accepting responsibility for its content, you also acknowledge that you understand that presentation of false names and/or addresses, incorrect or incomplete background information, or other deliberate omission or falsification is grounds for immediate rejection.