Nebt-het: Lady of the House

Tamara L. Siuda

The ancient Egyptian goddess Nebt-het (better known by the Greek version of her name, Nephthys) is a goddess in shadows: associated with death, liminality and time, creation and destruction.

In Nebt-Het: Lady of the House, the first volume of a projected series on the Gods and Goddesses of Kemet, presented by Kemetic Orthodox spiritual leader and professional Egyptologist Rev. Tamara L. Siuda, Nebt-het's identity, titles and functions are discussed in detail, as well as Her relationships to the myth cycle of Wesir and Aset (Osiris and Isis), the equally misunderstood god Set, and Her overlooked connections to the goddesses Nit (Neith), Hethert (Hathor) and Seshat. This special second edition of the original paper contains a comprehensive listing of Nebt-het's epithets, titles and known divine syncretizations, never before available in English translation.