Seals of the 196th Nisut (AUS)

Seals of the Nisut (AUS)

Official seal of the Nisut (AUS) of the Kemetic Orthodox faith. This image is a duplication of two of Her coronation names, and is not to be used outside of this website without permission. Please do not "take" this image.

The first seal is Her name in a serekh followed by a phrase and is what Egyptologists refer to as the "Horus" name. The second is Her name in a cartouche, followed again by a phrase, and is Her "Two Ladies" name. The knowledged observer will note the presence of Heru-wer and Set on Her Majesty's "Horus" name, a variation that has historical precedence in the serekh of the 15th Nisut (AUS) Peribsen, maa'-kherew.

The hieroglyphs of Her Majesty's first seal spell "Hekatawy", meaning "Authoritative Utterance of the Two Lands", followed by the phrase di ankh djet, "may He live forever" (the Kemetic blessing following the utterance of the Nisut-bityt's name as Living Heru). The second seal, surmounted by the sedge plant and the bee, the heraldic devices of the Two Ladies of the Two Lands, Nekhbet and Wadjet, spells "Sekhenet-Ma'at-Ra," meaning "Ma'at is the Foundation of Ra's Heaven," followed by the phrase ti ankh neheh, "may She live always" (the Kemetic blessing following the utterance of the Nisut-bity's name as Kemet's sovereign).