"She of Nekheb" Vulture-Netjer associated with both the land of Upper Kemet itself and its protection, and the protection and symbolism of the White Crown (Hedjet), Nekhbet is often depicted as a full vulture, flying over the head of the ruler bearing the feather of Ma'at and a shen, the circular symbol for eternity, grasped in Her claws. On depictions of the Udjat, She is often accompanied by Wadjet, the cobra-Netjer of the North, and symbolizes one half of the Two Lands which make up Kemet politically. Her head was mounted on the nemes-headdress of rulers alongside Wadjet's uraeus or cobra-head (witness the beautiful vulture on the forehead of King Tutankhamen's funerary mask), and a vulture-headdress was worn by the chief queen/consort from the New Kingdom forward, identifying her both with Nekhbet and with Mut of Uaset.