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In late June of 2013, I had my first opportunity to meet up with members of the House of Netjer in person (outside of the two friends who originally introduced me to Kemetic Orthodoxy!) Taji and Mose happened to be traveling to visit Taqai at her home in Central Pennsylvania, and they all invited me to tag along. After a gorgeous two hour drive up from Maryland, I arrived at Taqai’s place and the four of us headed out to dinner at Dodge City Steakhouse (as featured on Restaurant: Impossible!)

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On June 9, 2012, we once again flocked to the New Jersey beach to lay around, goof off, and celebrate the joy of the sun. This time, some of our contingent arranged to arrive at dawn, to say good morning to Ra as He rose. Unfortunately, I will only rise before dawn for one holiday a year (Wep Ronpet), and therefore wasn’t there – but many kudos to those who were!

Apparently there was some sun before dawn, but when I arrived at the beach, it was pretty solidly overcast – and rather chilly, too.

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