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Ancient Egyptian religion lives again within the Kemetic Orthodox Religion, a current-day practice of the traditional spirituality of Kemet (known today as Egypt). With Netjer's help and blessing, this most ancient tradition is honored anew by people all around the globe, returning the principles of Ma'at to a new world.

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Latest News

Em hotep! Our full financial information for the month of august has been posted on the finanicals page and the totals for the year have been updated. Final packing and preparation of Tawy House for sale are proceeding on schedule and the related expenses will be posted as part of the upcoming September report.

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Em hotep!

Our financial summary of the recent Portland Wep Ronpet retreat income and expenses has been posted on the financials page. This includes a summary of where our extra income came from and where those funds have been allocated.

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Financial information through July, 2017 has been posted. We are working on an updated format with better explanations about what all of our income and expenses mean.

Please see the Donations Page and Helping Tawy website for more information on how you can help us reach our goals.

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Information through June, 2017 has been posted on the financials page. Total donations remained around the same for June as we saw in May, which is still falling short of half our monthly goal. Please see the Donations Page and Helping Tawy website for more information on how you can help us reach our goals.

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Every 16 weeks for some years now, we have offered a free course to people interested in knowing more about Kemetic Orthodoxy and the House of Netjer. Our 48th course began this week (July 10), with 80 confirmed students. If you would like to know more about our beginners' courses, please see our page here: http://kemet.org/join Our next course will begin in mid-October, and we will be reviewing applications starting at the beginning of October.
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