An Introduction to Kemetic Orthodoxy

Below you will find links to various pages on this site which describe our religion, celebrations, and daily practices. If you have any questions that aren't answered on this site, please feel free to visit our forums, or contact us directly.

Learn about Kemetic Orthodoxy
Read about how Kemetic Orthodoxy was established, who we are, and what we do.
Read about our Festival Celebrations
Blog posts by our members about in-person festival celebrations they have attended.
Read about our Fellowship Events
Blog posts by our members about in-person fellowship events they have attended.
See some of our members' shrines
Shrines to the Names of Netjer are a central part of our religious practice. See how some of our members set up their shrines!
Visit our virtual shrine to the Blessed Dead
Honoring those who have gone before has always been an important tradition in many cultures and religions. Kemetic Orthodoxy is no exception. Read about how we honor our ancestors and visit our virtual shrine. You can even leave a letter to your ancestors in our shrine.
Visit the House of Netjer Forums
If you're interested in talking to our members in an online forum, the House of Netjer forums is the place to be! Registration is required to make new posts.
Visit our Bookstore and our Suggested Reading List
For reading up more on our practices, the Bookstore is an excellent starting point. It includes House of Netjer publications, as well as works by our spiritual leader, Rev. Tamara Siuda. Our Suggested Reading List contains some recommended publications for learning about Kemetic religion and history.
Explore the site!
There's much more to find and read about than has been listed here! Everything is accessible through the menu at the top of every page.