"Birthing-Place" A Name of Netjer associated, along with Heqet, with the midwifery and birth process, Meshkhenet's face was inscribed on the bricks or stools pregnant Kemetic women squatted upon while giving birth. In antiquity, Meshkhenet was considered to be something like the "fairy godmother" of European traditions, declaring the destiny of a child upon its birth and assisting in the blessing processes required to ensure the child would grow to be a healthy adult. Infant mortality in Kemet, as in many societies at the time, was a grave concern and so Meshkhenet's role at the birthing was considered crucial to the furtherance of Ma'at and life. Meshkhenet's role is sometimes equated or intertwined with that of both Heqet (the Midwife of Netjer) and Renenet (the Lady of the Year).