Other Names:

(Chons) - "Traveller" Originally simply identified as the son of Amen and Mut of Uaset (Thebes), Khonsu is depicted as a youth standing on a plinth and mummified (very like Ptah), and having the princely side-lock, a beard, and a crescent moon headdress. Khonsu is especially associated with the moon (hence possibly the origins of His name), as His father Amen is with the sun. In later times, Khonsu became identified closely with Heru-sa-Aset and Heru-pa-khered as the "divine son" of the "King of Netjeru." In the 19th Dynasty, Ramses II sent a statue of Khonsu with great fame for miraculous healing powers to the kingdom of the Bactrians (Bekhten in Kemetic) to heal the Bekhteny king's daughter of a supposed demon possession - the story of this healing and the statue's part in it can be read in anthologies of ancient texts.