Other Names:
Anukis, Anuket

Anuket/Anket (GR Anukis) - "Embracing Lady," consort (or alternately, daughter) to Khnum, Anuket is depicted as a woman wearing an unusual tall crown of ostrich feathers, probably a Nubian headdress. She is, along with Khnum and Satet, one of the three Names worshipped at Abu (Elephantine) in Upper Kemet, and can be seen on the walls of the temple of Ramses II at modern-day Abu Simbel, as well as in other Nubian temples. As a Name of Netjer associated with Elephantine and Sehel Island, in the area considered by Kemetics to be the source of the Nile, Anuket is a protectress of the mighty river (see Hapi). In earliest times She is also called a daughter of Ra.