Other Names:
Amon, Amen, Yimen, Zeus-Ammon, Jupiter-Ammon

"The Hidden One," Amen is "King of the Netjeru," a major Name of Netjer in Uaset (Thebes) in Upper Kemet.

The "Lord to the Limit" who created all things (see Nun, Tem, Ra and Ptah entries for other Creator Names), Amen the lord of the hidden wind eventually syncretised with the royal cult of Ra to emerge as Amen-Ra in the Middle Kingdom. Successions of Theban rulers would propel Amen's fame to national and eventually international status; even Alexander the Great sought Amen's blessing before declaring himself Kemet's ruler.

It is possible that the conception of Amen influenced conceptions of the Judaic/Hebraic God (YHVH) as well as those of Greek Zeus and Roman Jupiter; the Romans declared Jupiter and Amen to be the same divinity. Amen is generally depicted as a man wearing a tall golden plumed crown and a red and white pleated skirt; infrequently He is also shown as a ram with curled-down horns (not to be confused with the ram representing Khnum), or a ram-headed man.