Other Names:
Tau-Urt, Thoueris

(Tau-Urt; G/R Thoueris) - "Great Female of the Land" Thousands of smiling statues of hippopotami with pendulous breasts, long pleated hair and Hethert's horns-and-crescent headdress have been found as testament to the popularity of Taweret in ancient times as the protectress of childbearing women. She was also considered the main protectress of infants and children, along with Bes. The hippopotamus which is Her theophany was probably not venerated particularly for its mothering skills, but for brute strength and staying power - and its ability to scare just about anything that shouldn't be there away. In some texts, Taweret is also called "Opet," which is also the name given to the first festival of the Kemetic year held in honor of Amen and Mut at Karnak.