Other Names:

(G/R Haidith) - "Heru of the city of Behdet" The Winged Disk so popular in Kemetic architecture which found its way into other forms of classical art is Heru-behdety, victory personified. In the myth which has come to define this Name, Ra sends Behdety out against Set and his minions to protect the kingship; the battle is joined and is well-fought on both sides with no victors, as the two Netjeru are evenly matched. Ra, watching from heaven, wishes to tilt the battle in Behdety's balance and so transforms Him into a winged sun-disk. Behdety then flies into the sky, blinding his foes and winning the day. The myth is probably a symbolic retelling of the conquest of the lands of the Delta (Lower Kemet, attributed to Set) by the Predynastic chiefs of Upper Kemet (attributed to Her-wer). Behdety represents the brilliant force of the just warrior, the triumph of daytime over nighttime, the black land over the red, the forces of order over dissension.