Other Names:
Seb, Keb, Qeb

(WB Seb, Keb, Qeb) - "Earth (also "goose")" Geb is the "Father Earth" (unlike many ancient religions which understood the physical planet Earth as feminine) of the Kemetics; mountains are said to be His bones, and He lies forever inert below his sister-wife, Nut, the starry vault of the sky. Geb and Nut's five children would make up the personalized part of the Pesedjet (Great Nine Names) of the city of An (Heliopolis): Wesir, Her-wer, Set, Aset and Nebt-het. As the father of Wesir, Geb is often invoked as the "first ruler" of Kemet and some ancient king-lists actually list Him and His immediate descendants (Wesir and Heru-sa-Aset) as if they had ruled as physical kings. Geb's theophany is the goose (whose name in Kemetic is also "Geb"), which according to one mythological cycle was the form the Creator took on the day of creation (the "First Time"), cackling His delight into existence in the myriad creatures who walk upon Geb's body.