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Em Hotep, all!

We are currently having problems with e-mails from and e-mail address not being delivered. Unfortunately these e-mails are silently dropped and neither party is aware that the message wasn't delivered. This is a common problem for people with Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoo e-mail addresses.

At the present time, the only known solution is to add "" and "" domains to your e-mail whitelist. Instructions for doing this can be found below:

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This summer, Rev. Tamara Siuda will be the keynote speaker at the first Polytheist Leadership Conference. The PLC will be held July 11th through 13th at the Fishkill Quality Inn, in Fishkill, NY. Rev. Tamara will be sharing her experiences as Nisut and founder of Kemetic Orthodoxy, and providing her insight into what contributes to successful leadership in the greater polytheistic community.

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