Other Names:

(Apuat) - "The Messenger of the Road; The Opener of the Ways" Originally a Name of its own provenance, Wepwawet was depicted even from predynastic times as a jackal-headed Netjer associated with "opening the ways," and Wepwawet's standard-bearers led processions for both religious and martial purposes (an example can be found on the Narmer Palette). Over time, Wepwawet's form and functions were absorbed by another jackal-Netjer, Yinepu, who became "Opener of the Ways" when His own titles including Khenty-amentiu ("Foremost of the Westerners") passed to Wesir as premier patron of the deceased. Other than their different names, Wepwawet can sometimes be distinguished from Yinepu by coloring; Yinepu's jackal-head is always black, whereas Wepwawet can appear as gray or brown. A Greek source states that Wepwawet was associated with the wolf, as opposed to the jackal; no definitive answer is found in Kemetic sources.