"Sky" Both the concept and Netjer of the starry heavens, Nut is personified sky and especially the starry sky of nighttime which all people can look up into and see eternity. Nut is often depicted as a tall or long woman bending over the body of Her consort/husband/brother Geb, colored dark blue and spangled with five-pointed golden stars. Daily the sun is said to be born of Nut's womb and return to Her body via Her mouth at evening. Metaphorically, the earliest forms of funerary literature speak of the deceased rising to become one with Nut in the heavens, to be "an immortal star in Her bosom," and Nut's star-studded body is often painted on the inside of coffins and sarcophagi with outstretched arms, so that she may "embrace the deceased." As Hethert is usually the Netjer of the daytime sky, Nut is Netjer of the nighttime sky and the two share many symbols and titles.