Family Life

As in antiquity, family and family life are very important to the Kemetic Orthodox. The House of Netjer (currently the main temple of the Kemetic Orthodox Religion) has members in at least 40 U.S. states, and more than 30 other countries worldwide. In addition to live ministry in the Chicago, Illinois area, the House of Netjer offers distance learning and ministry via Internet, maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web at . It also provides other Internet-based support and services (live discussions and classes, private and public message forums, file areas, libraries, and the like). We are also beginning to expand our youth ministry, as a number of children have joined or been born into the religion, or have elected to convert along with their parents.

In keeping with our pro-family stance, the House of Netjer requires parental consent for potential members under 18 years of age, or for persons of any age who are dependent on another for financial support, housing, or well-being. Dialogue with the guardians of a potential minor or dependent adult applicant is important to us. Religion should always support and cultivate the bonds that exist within families and communities, rather than causing contention or breaking them apart.

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