Benjamin Cunningham - 2/10/1904 - 4/5/1975

Dear Uncle Ben,

Reading the book that Patsy had written about you, seeing the family pictures in a different context, I feel both closer and further from you. I have a sense of your life and your energy and gifts. I feel the pictures in the book show where I may have gotten some of my nature to kid around a bit. I hadn't seen much of that in other family members.

Yet you had such persistance -- such focus. It seems as if you knew what you wanted to do and you did it. And I never persevere at anything except survival. Would I bore you?

I met you only once. You were so full of life. I have your mother's wristwatch that Patsy gave me. I have a reproduction of Pandora's box on the wall. I have the memory of you and your gifts in my heart. And I wish I knew you better.

May you have your art and process still. May you be able to create as you wish. May you be at peace.