Seth, God of Confusion by Herman te Velde


Herman te Velde

Te Velde (1932-2019) originally wrote this influential study as his doctoral thesis, which he defended in 1967 at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands. (He went on to become head of the Institute of Egyptology there.)

The book we're offering is a reprint of Mrs. G. E. van Baaren-Pape's translation to English—hardbound with a beautifully embossed cover, and an impressive dust jacket.

It runs to 198 pages in five sections:

  1. The name and the animal of Seth
  2. Seth, the enemy and friend of Horus
  3. Seth the murderer of Osiris
  4. Seth repelling Apo/pis
  5. Seth the foreigner

There are extensive footnotes on each page, and a 16 page bibliography, six pages of which were updated in 2018. There are hieroglyphs, 16 illustrations and 19 black and white photographs. Also included is a new foreword by University of Birmingham Egyptologist Anne Landborg, who calls the book "a superb example of a monograph examining an individual god."

Hemet says: "The best book about Set that exists. People are always looking for it as it has been very rare/hard to find."

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