My apologies for the lateness of these posts. I have been seriously overcommitted and have learned a big lesson. Here is everything through last month (September).

There are also documents about the current financial state of the House of Netjer and the Retreat expenses.

Retreat ran over budget in a couple of ways. There were a couple of situations requiring some Secret Cow work during the time. People volunteered the donations, but due to time  constraints, the money was lent from the House to be repaid later. Those funds were repaid in September. That leaves a $700+ dollar overage on the costs of retreat. Money has also been promised for this. It has not yet been repaid, but I know it will be.

So... if you look at the State of the House finances at the end of the month of September, we have lost money this year. Nearly a thousand dollars. We have had only one month in the year so far where over $1,500 was donated toward House expenses and not to a specified project like retreat.