June 2019 Finances Summary

Em Hotep!

Please see the attached updated finances for the House of Netjer for June of 2019.

Currently we are at a available cash balance of $4,457.53

*Please keep in mind this number also includes retreat payments that have not been moved to the apporirate accounts for Retreat Expenses.*


This number is reflective of donations with PayPal, PayPal giving fund, our Nisut’s Salary and general running costs (website, storage fees for Tawy, etc.) Keep those donations coming! As a non-profit we rely on those donations to keep our Temple running – not only on day to day operations – but to pay our Nisut as well so that her financial burden is lowered.

Let’s shoot for that $33 Club Goal! And let’s make our temple thrive!



New Tracking Logs!

We are now tracking Retreat funds that we have currently gathered for our Portland Wep Ronpet retreat at the Kennedy School. We had to put down a deposit of $2,200.00 to hold the space(s) need for our events. This money came from our general funds back in January. Our operational expenses are being made up by our member’s registration fees for the retreat itself. As we move towards August the number will decrease until we are at a positive balance.

These funds also go towards supplies for retreat and any leftover along with Auction monies, are donated back to the House into our general fund account.

Along with the Retreat Tracker we also have had a very unique and generous private donation to the House of Netjer – a stock donation!

This stock donation (the giver will remain anonymous) will be mainly used towards all things Tawy from her repair bills to general utilities until Tawy is sold.

Please keep in mind this donation is separate from any donations to our general fund account and has been specifically designated to be used for Tawy house.

This tracker will show the unique rise and fall of stocks as we move forward. To keep transparency, we will be showing the withdrawals from this donation along with any fluctuations of the stock value itself. Stocks while active can change value depending on the stock itself and the market. This is shown in the fluctuation line.

We will also be showing the overall output into maintain Tawy until its sale including; repairs, water, electric, gardening, inspections, insurance costs, and other needs to help the process along.

This stock donation is not infinite and will run out, at such time we will again be pulling from out general funds account to satisfy the costs.

If you have any questions, please let me know! And as always thank YOU for supporting our house.

Senebty for now-

Financial Bak